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c1 SecureConnect for KnowBe4

Continuously educating and training employees about their role in combating information security threats and risk is critical into the digital enterprise. The c1 SecureConnect for KnowBe4 application has been designed to integrate critical data points from the market-leading security and awareness solution, KnowBe4, into your ServiceNow instance. KnowBe4’s platform provides organizations with the ability to train, educate, and test personnel on the latest social engineering methods hackers are using to gain access to business systems.

The c1 SecureConnect for KnowBe4 application integrates the user inventory, training campaign details, and enrollment statistics into the customer’s ServiceNow instance. This enables information security, compliance, and IT professionals to align these data points to ServiceNow workstreams and measure the effectiveness of their security and awareness training programs alongside their other risk mitigation programs being measured within ServiceNow.

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