Compliance Services

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Compliance Services

The c1secure team has domain expertise in the development, implementation and continuous monitoring of cross mandate security and compliance programs. Whereas traditional assessment organizations will perform a gap assessment and provide you with a paper based report, leaving it up to the organization to take the steps necessary to implement their recommendations, c1Secure, through CISO Sentinel, provides organizations with a seamless operational framework to continuously improve and assess their security program on an ongoing basis.

Upon completion of your assessment, c1secure delivers a populated instance of the CISO Sentinelâ„¢ platform with ready to act upon:

Plan of Actions and Milestones
Automates the creation of plans of action and milestone records and correlates them to remediation efforts providing transparency across the organization.
Base-Line Risk Ratings
Capture base-line risk ratings and monitor your progress and improvement over time as you mature your organization through CISO Sentinel.
Policy Life Cycle Management
Centralized repository for ongoing management of policies, including built in approval workflows, revision tracking, and alignment to controls.
Asset Management
Keep track of your inventory and what you need to protect with a fully populated Configuration Management Database.
Incident Management
CISO Sentinel integrates with log correlation engines, leveraging data to automatically create tickets and alerting for further investigation into anomalous activity in the environment.
Vulnerability Management
CISO Sentinel performs a triage of identified vulnerabilities for assets under management, creates and assigns tickets with weighted priority, populates a tracking system, and automatically pushes tickets to a state of mitigated.
Workflow Efficiency
Eliminate manual intervention and dedicated efforts to improving the risk posture of the environment through automated ticketing and distribution of synthesized risk data.
Customized Reporting & Dashboards
Significantly reduce the time required to compile data and construct reporting templates for regulatory bodies and internal stakeholders.

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