c1 FedCloud MaxGov Integration

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c1 FedCloud MaxGov Integration

MAX.gov is a government-wide suite of advanced collaboration, information sharing, data collection, publishing, business intelligence and authentication tools and services used to facilitate cross-government collaboration and knowledge management.

The  c1 FedCloud MaxGov integration provides ServiceNow Knowledge Base Management collaboration for system users to publish and apply information directly from the MaxGov repository.  The MaxGov knowledge base will use custom criteria for users who “can read” and who “can contribute” with custom groups linked to these criterias. A custom Service Portal is also provided for external and internal users to view knowledge-based articles.

Key Features

With the c1 FedCloud MaxGov integration, you can assign internal/external ServiceNow users to access a custom Knowledge Base and Service Portal that integrates directly with the MaxGov repository.

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