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Built by c1secure for the ServiceNow platform, the c1 FedCloud OSCAL SSP Management Center, is the first enterprise-scale platform to host and manage your FedRAMP SSP with supported export capabilities to OSCAL output formats.

Washington D.C., February 27, 2023 – c1secure, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, announces the launch of the c1 FedCloud SSP OSCAL Management Center, the first enterprise-scale platform that simplifies the manual, time-consuming process of maintaining and submitting your FedRAMP System Security Plan (SSP) with traditional word processing.

The OSCAL-based SSP Management Center allows cloud service providers to build and maintain their SSP in the NIST OSCAL format. The NIST OSCAL program is a community-driven effort aimed at developing a standardized approach to security authorization that improves security, reliability, and trustworthiness while also reducing costs and streamlining the authorization process.

Built on the ServiceNow platform, the OSCAL SSP Management Center eliminates SSP management headaches and provides secure web-based templates to quickly and easily build and maintain each section of your SSP. The OSCAL SSP Management Center is integrated with the c1 FedRAMP control catalogs, providing a single source to define control implementation details, perform control assessments, update control parameters as required, and much more.

According to JJ Contessa, Chief Product Officer of c1secure, “We are excited to offer our clients a solution that is aligned with the OSCAL program being developed by NIST.  The c1 FedCloud OSCAL SSP Management Center is a game-changer, providing cloud service providers with FedRAMP ATOs,  and their 3PAOs, with significant cost, time, and personnel savings.”

The current release of the OSCAL SSP Management Center supports SSP OSCAL extracts validated using the NIST Schematron and GSA-developed FedRAMP validation tools.  OSCAL-based POA&M reporting will be available soon, delivering even more dramatic time and cost reductions for the entire FedRAMP ATO continuous monitoring reporting requirements.

Don’t waste any more time on manual reporting and documentation tasks. Let c1secure simplify your FedRAMP compliance workstreams and reporting requirements. Contact us today to schedule a demo and discovery call.

About c1secure: c1secure is a cybersecurity solutions provider that delivers innovative and comprehensive solutions to help organizations protect their sensitive data and digital assets. With years of experience and expertise in the field, c1secure is committed to providing the highest level of security and compliance solutions to our clients.

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Director, Business Development, c1secure

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