Holistic, Transparent, Secure

Today, and accelerating into the future, you as an information security professional are continuously bombarded with alerts and notifications from the vast number of tools you have procured and deployed to protect and prevent your organizations intellectual property and critical information from falling into the wrong hands.

With the constant stream of critical data, you lack the holistic transparent oversight you need to answer these critical questions:

  • What are the biggest threats/risks facing my organization?
  • How am I doing in mitigating/managing these threats and risks?
  • How can I improve my risk posture?
  • Where am I in meeting my compliance obligations?

We architected a solution that would empower you with the answers to these critical questions and many more, in real time, with CISO Sentinel™.

Expert Guidance on your Journey

Not sure where to start in bringing your organization to
a more mature state of security and compliance?

You’re not alone.

We have helped organizations in healthcare, financial services, energy, federal, and other critical infrastructure industries
identify their current level of cyber security preparedness. Once baselined, we architect a prescriptive program to bring
your organizations security program to a state of ongoing security and compliance management through a platform
oriented approach.

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