Our expertise

We assist in the development, implementation and ongoing management of technology organization’s cyber security risk management programs. This industry is exposed to considerable risk from multiple threat dimensions based upon the handling of sensitive data, processing of that data, delivery of services and extensibility of the types of devices that data resides on. Our services come to bear to help these organizations develop programs that can support not only the needs of their technology platforms, but the multiple industries that are using their platforms to conduct commerce.

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Benefits to bank on

We provide solutions in these key areas

  • CISO Sentinel

    Holistic oversight, management, and visibility into the ongoing security and compliance efforts of your organization.

  • Compliance Services

    We provide your organization with a seamless operational framework to continuously improve and assess your security program.

  • Cyber Risk Services

    vCISO advisory services provide value to organizations who do not have an acting Security leader or need further guidance in this space.

  • Program Development

    We help organizations develop security and compliance programs or refresh an existing program to new standards. 

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Transform your regulatory posture

  • Cloud Service Providers

    Differentiate your hosting service and leverage your investments by establishing environments that meet or exceed industry specific cyber security and regulatory compliance standards.

  • Application Software

    Ensure that application software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service products are certified to meet regulatory requirements and readily available to transition across multiple industry segments.

  • Mobility

    Appropriately address privacy and regulatory compliance requirements by promoting the implementation of cyber security technologies and practices to mobile device platforms that service the workplace and personal use market.