Our expertise

With the emergence of smart grids and smart devices, the energy sector is becoming an increasingly attractive target for cyber-attacks. The energy sector plays a critical role in the delivery of both economic and quality of life services placing a weighted responsibility upon security and compliance professionals for addressing these cyber risks and preserving the functioning of our economy.

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Benefits to bank on

We provide solutions in these key areas

  • CISO Sentinel

    Holistic oversight, management, and visibility into the ongoing security and compliance efforts of your organization.

  • Compliance Services

    We provide your organization with a seamless operational framework to continuously improve and assess your security program.

  • Cyber Risk Services

    vCISO advisory services provide value to organizations who do not have an acting Security leader or need further guidance in this space.

  • Program Development

    We help organizations develop security and compliance programs or refresh an existing program to new standards.


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