c1 FedCloud PoAM Generator

c1 FedCloud PoAM Generator

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The process of preparing a monthly Plan of Action and Milestones report for Cloud Service Providers adhering to FedRAMP compliance often requires manually copying and pasting data from several disparate systems into a complex FedRAMP mandated template and specific format. The process is labor intensive and prone to manual error. As a result, this detracts team members from performing key security and compliance functions, thus putting the organization at risk.

Cloud Service Providers rely upon their FedRAMP attestations for contracting with government agencies. PoAM reporting and management is a requisite process for a provider to maintain and annually renew this revenue enabling attestation.  Therefore, providing a means to simplify this audit and reporting process is a critical enabler to your business objectives. 

The c1secure c1 FedCloud PoAM Generator, gives your team back their critical time to focus on core security and compliance functions by automating and streamlining this mandated FedRAMP compliance process. Security operations and vulnerability response issues are automatically translated into PoAM records and exported into GSA compliant reporting format. Additionally to address challenges with scale,  the POA&M generator provides the benefit of dynamically updating record status for reported items to reflect the current state of remediation or resolution for the defined information system.

Similarly, CMBD records can be automatically translated  to create the mandated FedRAMP Integrated Inventory Workbook (FIIW) providing similar resource optimization benefits to the organization. 

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