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Our expertise

Operating as a member of the executive team our vCISO advisory services provide value to organizations who do not have an acting Security leader or need further guidance in this space. We take on responsibility for corporate based Information Security and Compliance vision, strategy and programs to ensure the organization’s information and data assets are protected, while driving continuous business value and cost containment.

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Benefits to bank on

We provide these key services

  • Program Strategy 

    Development of Information Security and compliance strategies, risk mitigation programs and delivery operations aligned to defined business objectives.

  • Program Establishment

    Establish security and compliance organizational constructs including the risk management committee, information security management, audit and other GRC functions. 

  • Program Maturity 

    Development of multi-year program initiatives that address resourcing requirements to satisfy regulatory mandates, continuous monitoring and improvement of security posture. 

  • Policies & Controls

    Design and implement corporate policy and control frameworks that promote and compliment business strategies. 

  • Audit

    Collaborate with Internal and External organizations to seamlessly prepare, execute, and manage third party audit activities.

  • Compliance Management

    Provide transparency to the organization’s risk management posture  by establishing a single source of truth for reporting to stakeholders.

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