CISO Sentinel

CISO Sentinel is a Security & Compliance Continuous Monitoring platform that provides holistic oversight, management, and visibility into the ongoing security and compliance efforts of the enterprise by providing a single source of truth. It enables organizations to take control of their security and compliance programs by prioritizing the review of critical security alerts, automating Business processes, eliminating redundant efforts, and streamlining compliance and management reporting.

CISO Sentinel™ is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that is cloud based and delivered as a managed service. This provided our clients with desired benefits of low implementation costs, reduced organizational lift in maintaining the solution, and the reduced operating and maintenance costs associated with SaaS solutions.

CISO Sentinel Benefits

Threat Visibility

Aggregates data from disparate tools to provide real-time insight into the overall state of your cyber security environment. We give you a single platform to manage, communicate, and report upon threats and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management

CISO Sentinel utilizes API's to pull data into the platform, automatically performs a triage of identified vulnerabilities for assets under management, creates and assigns tickets with weighted priority, populates a tracking system, and when successfully remediated, automatically pushes tickets to a state of mitigated.

Security Incident

CISO Sentinel integrates with log correlation engines, leveraging data to automatically create tickets and alerting for further investigation into anomalous activity in your environment.

Workflow Efficiency

Risk data is synthesized and made actionable through automated role based ticketing and distribution for remediation. This eliminates manual intervention and allows you to dedicate efforts to improving your risk posture.

Control Framework

Aligns your organization to regulatory mandates, standards, and compliance requirements; creating a control framework to define how you have implemented, designed, and test for compliance on an ongoing basis.

Customized Reporting and Dashboards

Significantly reduces the time required to compile data and construct reporting templates for regulatory bodies and internal stakeholders.

Policy Management

Centralized repository for ongoing management of policies, including built in review and approval workflows, revision tracking, and alignment to controls to enforce policy statements.

Regulatory Life Cycle Management

Integrated to the Unified Compliance Framework enables you to stay current with evolving mandates to which you must adhere to.

Audit Management

Provides automated workflows to seamlessly prepare, execute, and manage audit activities. This includes control test definitions, control test attestations, artifact collection, observations, remediation activities, and accepted risk tolerances.

Plan of Action and Milestone Reporting

Automates the creation of plans of action and milestone records and correlates them to remediation efforts providing transparency across the organization.

Cross Walked Control Frameworks

Relationships between regulatory or best practice standards are identified to infuse efficiency into ongoing control testing by testing once, and applying results to all associated mandates.