IRM Advisory Partners

Integrated Risk Management Advisory Partner Program

Our expertise

Built within CISO Sentinel, our IRM Advisory Partner Program supports partnering assessor organizations in the automation of their security assessments. We have eliminated the need for manual checklists,
exhausting spreadsheets and endless deliverable paper based reports. Not only will your assessments be completed more efficiently but you will bring more value to your clients by having an infrastructure to leave behind allowing them to immediately act upon the output of recommendations your experts provide.

While one-time assessments are effective in defining a point-in-time review of an organization’s risk posture, the static and un-actionable nature of a paper assessment prevents organizations from making meaningful improvement on their risk posture.

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These historically accepted point-in-time risk assessments become non-conducive to active monitoring and awareness over time and lose their significance amid the constant changes in business strategy and threat landscapes.

The IRM Advisory Partner Program, powered by CISO Sentinel™, is flipping the assessment paradigm by providing cyber risk advisory firms with a seamless operational framework to continuously improve and assess client security programs on an ongoing basis.  We believe security is not a point in time exercise but an ongoing evolution and journey of security maturity. Our Program offers you a fully integrated platform to prioritize cyber resiliency and operational efficiency for your clients. The IRM Advisory Partner Program allows you to tailor and conduct assessments in an efficient, automated manner which does not leave your client stuck with a snapshot of their environment. Rather, our approach establishes a state of continuous controls monitoring, providing your clients with a dynamic perspective and actionable platform to operate their business and track the ongoing improvement of their cyber risk management maturity.

Benefits to bank on

We provide these key services

  • Profile Builder

    Build your clients profile by aligning it to the required mandate or mandates to be assessed against utilizing our Profile Builder. 

  • Policies and Control Framework

    Collect, assimilate and upload artifacts for review including, policies, procedures, system security plans, supporting management plans, risk registers, and tracking of strategic initiatives.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Aggregate data from the disparate tools implemented by the organization to provide real-time insight into the overall state of the cyber security environment. 

  • Asset and Change Management

    Create, manage and provide output capabilities for the centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

  • Cross Walked Mandates

    Integrate compliance requirements across multiple mandates from a single platform allowing you to test controls once and apply many times.

  • Compliance Management

    Assessment results, compliance reporting, tracking and evidence archiving  enabling your client to seamlessly support audit requests via dashboards, general outputs or in regulatory formats.

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